Our newest Life Skills course is off to an incredible start! The first week is focused on developing the inner person, diving into topics such as trust, self-awareness, decision-making, and motivation. We dedicated a full day to talking openly about trust, and about the challenges we all have with trusting others, God, and sometimes even ourselves.

The students spent time getting real with themselves and their past. They engaged in trust exercises and wrote down areas they struggle to trust in. Through tears, honesty, and prayer, we saw God do big things in each heart. Slowly but surely, the students are learning to believe in themselves again and to trust that God really does have a plan for them.

Please keep our Life Skills students in prayer as they go on this journey of personal life development.

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  1. Life skills training and leadership mentoring are critical to providing depth of understanding to other learning. Together these provide the structure and supports which allows students to lead successful lives and pass on their high level skills to others.