Graduation is a BIG DEAL here at Hope Africa.

It doesn’t just represent 9 weeks of intense courses in Life Skills, Computer Literacy, and Biblical Training. It also represents an enormous amount of personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and facing enormous fears.

Our students attend classes faithfully, in the midst of some challenging situations in their home lives. They face their fears and choose to push through them, believing that they are worth it. They dig deep to let God transform them from the inside out.


Graduation is a celebration of these personal victories. It’s a mile marker that shows our students how far they’ve come, and provides them a launching point to continue to grow, learn, and develop.

Our students faces light up with excitement—it’s an outward glimpse of the new hope that’s springing up in their hearts. We are so proud of them and all they’ve achieved over the past few months!


We are currently working with our newest graduates on job placement. We are committed to helping them find sustainable local employment to continue building better lives for themselves and their families. Please join us in prayer for each of them to get placed in a suitable job, and for their continued personal journeys of faith.

Would you share a supportive word for the graduates in a comment below? They will be so encouraged to know they have a global community cheering them on! 

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