The newest addition to our Life Development Process is Nutrition Education. This past week, our students learned how the digestive system works, and the importance of a nutritious diet for our overall health. They discovered how to “eat a rainbow” to get the full scope of vitamins and nutrients their bodies need. We covered the basics of a healthy diet—teaching them how to prepare salads they will enjoy and cook chicken in healthier ways.

There is also an exercise component to the course. We all know that physical activity is crucial, and we want our students to discover fun and enjoyable ways to stay active. We taught them to play kickball, engaged in Zumba workouts, and practiced basic Tae Bo.

We also look closely at chronic diseases prevalent in the township areas of South Africa, and how to decrease health risks through indigenous food sources and healthy choices in every area of life. The students end off this course with practical application. They develop a personal diet and exercise plan, and create a recipe book that makes common meals healthier through ingredient substitution.

Student engagement has been incredible! They are eager and excited to learn, and are committed to developing healthier habits for themselves and their families.