N is a beautiful young woman who began attending our Life Skills and Computer Literacy training classes. When she first arrived, she was nervous and quiet—timid, even. When we had the students engage in trust-building activities, it was clear that this was challenging and frightening for her. The next day, Amanda, one of our staff leaders, sat with  N during a tea break. Over cups of steaming tea, she began crying as she shared her story…

N’s dad had been a caring and loving family man. When he had to move away for a while because of work, it was challenging for the family, but everyone knew it would only be for a short season. That didn’t turn out to be the case. N’s dad found another woman and made a new life for himself. After several years, he returned. N’s mom forgave him and welcomed him back. It wasn’t long before he began abusing her.

As N poured out her heart, she acknowledged that these situations left her unable to trust her dad. She was angry and bitter—and felt greatly challenged by the message of forgiveness that was taught in the Life Skills class. Amanda encouraged her to take that step—that choosing to forgive her father would free her heart from bondage and fear. While N had a hard time accepting her counsel, she listened intently to every word spoken.

The next day, N arrived to class with a smile on her face. She was glowing with joy. When Amanda asked her why she was so happy, she said that she had decided to forgive her dad. She said she didn’t want to at first, but understood that she needed to do it to free herself and start moving forward with her life. N said that Amanda was the first person to ever take the time to listen to her and help lead her positively out of her situation. The next week, N spoke with her dad on the phone—their first real conversation in several years—and she felt at complete peace with being able to talk with him.

We are beyond grateful for N and the many just like her whose lives continue to be transformed in incredible ways.

Thank you for partnering with us. N’s life is changed forever because of your support. 

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