Every dollar you give provides the matchless gift of hope to those who feel forgotten.

Give a special gift today or sign up to partner monthly.

Invest Through Monthly Giving

$50 a month helps provide skills training, spiritual development, and job placement for an individual in an impoverished community. Make a difference not just in one life, but also in the lives he or she will impact.


Give a Special Gift of Hope

Your one-time donation creates a ripple effect of impact, helping to fund our ongoing work of transforming individuals who will in turn transform communities.



Sponsor a Leader

For just $30 a month (or $360 one-time), you can sponsor a student through the year-long EPIC leadership development course. The young leader you sponsor will be empowered with personal mentorship and training in leadership, purpose, goal-setting, relationships, and faith. Meet the young leaders available for sponsorship and find out more about the leadership development program they are a part of.


Sponsor a Life Development Project

Empower and equip an individual or an entire class to pull themselves out of poverty. Through our unique 20-week Life Development Process, our students go from their introductory meeting with one of our trained staff to acquiring a sustainable job. They are equipped in areas such as life planning, math & financial literacy, computer & job skills, leadership development, and Biblical training. Your donation will truly make an impact in the students’ lives, and in the lives of everyone they will influence. The multiplication factor of transformation is huge!

Sponsorship Options

$150 covers 1 student’s participation in all our programs, including job placement

$1500 covers 10 students

$4500 covers 30 students (a full course + follow-up)


Pledge Your Birthday

Instead of birthday presents, ask your family and friends to donate to Hope Africa Collective.  Give up your birthday and give lasting hope to those less fortunate.

Over 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty on less than $1.25 a day. Pledge your next birthday to help change that.

Pledge your Birthday