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Our Life Development Process (LDP) is a holistic equipping journey for 18-30 year-olds.

Over the course of 9 weeks (with ongoing follow-up), students engage with different modules that target aspects of their physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

People are multi-faceted, so we take a multi-faceted approach to life and community development. This course is a perfect example of how we do this on the individual level.

Along with the Math Literacy, Financial Literacy, and Faith Discovery components of the Economic Development model, the LDP modules include:

Life Direction

We have already seen more than 600 students come through this life-coaching component of the course, which for many, is a groundbreaking process. The idea behind this first part of the process is that someone cannot move forward in life in a purpose-driven way without engaging their story and what they have had to come through. This module deals with a range of heart-motivated as well as practical topics, like conflict resolution, trust, communication, HIV/AIDS, gender, CV writing and interview skills, and goal-setting.


Oral English

Whether it is pursuing higher education or engaging with the job market, being confident in English is a must for success. The South African education and business worlds operate in English, and for our graduates to confidently step into that sphere requires more practice and finishing on various aspects of the language. All of our students can speak English, but many need the practice to speak in confidence in job interviews and workplace environments.


Health and Nutrition Education

Knowledge of overall healthy living is not a common understanding that is naturally understood or part of the culture in the communities that we work. Because of this, diabetes, chronic health problems, and poor general health are common. This module provides basic education, practical principles, and healthy practices to live by when it comes to our physical selves. Diet, overall health, and exercise are some of the topics in this part of the LDP.





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Support Life Development