Our third Life Skills Training course just began this week. We are excited about this new group of students and all that God is going to do in them through their time in the program.

We’ve also begun placing our first graduates in new jobs!

We’ve worked diligently over the past year to develop solid relationships with a number of large companies and agencies in Cape Town to serve as employment possibilities for our students. And those networks are coming through for us in the successful placement of several of our graduates.

Asanda, one of our incredible staff members, has been doing an amazing job at helping graduates finalize their resumes, further develop their job skills, and get placement in suitable jobs and learnerships.

The poverty cycle comes to a screeching halt when one is empowered with skills, knowledge, and the ability to sustain their family through quality employment. We are passionate about making this happen, and are energized by seeing it all start taking shape.

God-sized things are happening in South Africa!

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