The challenges are great in an area with 70% unemployment. But we believe the greatest challenge facing these communities is a poverty of hope. When you can’t imagine even the possibility a better future, there is no motivation to seek change for yourself, your family, or your community. The profound absence of hope only compounds the issues of poverty.

It’s why we believe so strongly in the work we are doing. Through our holistic life development process, we offer not only the development of marketable skills, but also the gift of hope. Even the smallest spark of hope in an individual’s heart can fuel life-altering transformation. That is what keeps us going in the face of such dire need and tremendous challenges.

While we continually refine our programs to be more comprehensive and beneficial, we also work diligently to develop solid relationships with corporations throughout the region to serve as employment possibilities for our graduates. These networks have proven to be essential to the success of our programs. Over 80% of our program graduates have already been placed in jobs!

What we do isn’t just about offering people a way to earn an income. It’s about showing them that they are valuable and that their lives matter. It’s not just about giving people a helping hand. It’s about giving them hope.

Because hope is what ends the poverty cycle.

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