The King’s University Pastoral Leadership Program

One-year program with 8 courses, this Pastoral Leadership Program is for anyone interested in theological and ministry studies. Upon successful completion, students will receive the following:

  • An official Certificate of Completion from The King’s University
  • An Invitation to apply to South Africa Theological Seminary (SATS) and receive 50% credit for work completed in the King’s University Program towards a Certificate or Bachelor’s in Theology

Courses meet weekly, Monday & Wednesday, 9:15am till 2:30pm.

Presentation of ID and R100 non-refundable deposit required at time of registration.



Winter Session: 22 May – 7 August (11 weeks)

  • BIBL 032 Introduction to the New Testament
  • BIBM 032 Ministry Formation

Spring Session: 28 August – 15 December (15 weeks)

  • BIBL 034 Life and Teaching of Christ
  • BIBM 033 Transformational Teaching
  • BIBM 034 Leadership Principles

Summer Session: 15 January – 25 April (15 weeks)

  • BIBL 031 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • BIBL 033 Basic Bible Interpretation
  • BIBM 031 Spiritual Formation


* The King’s University, based in the United States of America, is an accredited university. This university is not recognized in South Africa as an accredited institution.