Holistic, sustainable development is key.


Our aim is to integrate sustainable solutions to the root causes of poverty and injustices.


While some organizations focus on one aspect of need in an impoverished community, we have a multifaceted approach that helps the whole person. Because poverty is complex, so are we. The combination of education, economic development, spiritual formation, and life development is impacting individuals and communities in transformative ways.



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Because of the value of education, schools are a key focus in our work in South Africa. Statistically, impacting this age group has a massive impact in community transformation and creating a future without poverty.

We are launching a reproducible Early Childhood Development school model that focuses holistically on the child and their development at this crucial period in their life.

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With the unemployment rates in South Africa reaching well over 40% in the communities we serve, the creation of sustainable small and micro-enterprises is essential to both economic growth and the future of social-political sustainability. 

Our Economic Development Process includes holistic training in math and financial literacy, faith, trade skills, and business literacy.

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Our Life Development Process (LDP) is a holistic equipping journey for 18-30 year olds. Over the course of 9 weeks (with ongoing follow-up), students engage with different modules that target aspects of their physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Along with components in the Economic Development Process, LDP modules include life skills, oral English, and health and nutrition education.

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As a faith-based organization, we believe that this arm of our holistic approach to community development has the power to change lives from the inside out.

Through Church Mobilization, Hope Africa University, and EPIC Leadership and Discipleship Program, we equip and mobilize leaders, pastors, and churches to follow the example of Jesus in working alongside the poor and oppressed.

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Why invest in people?

In the past 50 years, over a trillion dollars has been poured into Africa for infrastructure development. And yet, more than half of sub-Saharan Africa—over 400 million people—still live in extreme poverty. There is great value in building wells, constructing roads, and establishing health care programs, but we need to remember:

Africa’s greatest resource is her people. 

They are strong, intelligent, resilient, and creative. They hold the power and the solutions to change their nations. Though important, Africa doesn’t just need more programs, buildings, or even resources. What Africa needs is for her people to reach their highest potential.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we invest in the development of human capacity to see an end to extreme poverty.

Top-down development has proven in many ways to be ineffective. That’s why we work from the ground up, investing directly in individuals through holistic life and spiritual development. We equip them to better themselves and we empower them to spark and sustain change in their communities.

The vision is massive: we want to see entire cities and countries transformed—and we know it’s possible. But it has to begin at an individual level in order to be successful and sustainable.

Development from within is always the deepest, strongest, and longest lasting.

Our model focuses on the individual, but with a large-scale reach—mobilizing thousands of individuals to become catalysts of positive change in their communities.

We invest in the one, to influence the many. This is how we overcome extreme poverty, together.

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