Corporate Partners

We love partnering with corporations and businesses that seek to give back and make a difference in the world around them. Corporate partnerships are often customized to fit the culture of the company, maximizing engagement in a mutually beneficial way for their corporation, their employees, and our work at Hope Africa Collective.

All financial gifts are tax-deductible in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Our corporate partners typically get involved in some of the following ways:

Financially contribute or engage employees in volunteering

Partner with us financially on an annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. Rather than simply writing a check, our partners take ownership with us of a specific project. They help to bring it to life, sustainably maintain it, and strategically further its impact, and we will report on the project’s progress. In addition, offering employees the opportunity to volunteer builds workplace morale and team bonding. It also provides employees with a sense of satisfaction that they are giving back to the community and are part of something larger than themselves.

Sponsor a program, event, or needed resource, with byline credit

When a partner covers the cost of a program, event, project, or resource, their name and logo are included in the byline. This provides brand recognition and new opportunities for customer engagement. Sponsored vehicles, buildings, or equipment are branded with the donor business’s name in addition to our own.

Feature Hope Africa Collective in internal and/or eternal corporate materials

This has included sharing about our work and our unique partnership with the organization in an employee newsletter, client/customer communication, print/digital/TV advertisements, and other resources.

Receive B-BBEE benefits (for South Africa corporate partners)

There are numerous B-BBEE benefits that the company can claim back as a partner with Hope Africa Collective, such as an 18A tax certificate for all financial contributions, socio-economic development, and corporate social investment benefits. Corporate partners will also be able to claim back a full rand’s value (regarding BEE) on every grant that is awarded to Hope Africa Collective, due to the fact that we serve more than 85% black beneficiaries.