Collaborative Partners

We recognize that we cannot see sustainable transformation by working alone, so we must link arms to support the students and communities we serve. We are honored to work with and through a variety of other organizations to support our work and to expand the network of opportunities for our students, in both official and unofficial capacities.

Here are just a few ways we collaborate with other businesses and organizations:

Further Education

One of the successful outcomes of our training programs is being empowered to seek further education. There are a number of different tertiary educational institutions where our students continue study.

Job Searching & Placement

Being empowered with renewed confidence to seek entry-level employment is another successful outcome, and working with and through a number of different agencies and platforms, our students have a variety of places to be more equipped and to seek employment.

Additional Training

There are many other nonprofits and organizations that offer even more skills development, training, and mentorship where our program graduates can further their journey.

Organizational Support

We are grateful for the variety of businesses and organizations that come alongside us to collaborate and support the work we do. This ranges from technical support and videography/photography to a multitude of other services.