We bring together people and ideas to end poverty in bold new ways through empowerment and opportunity.

Our partners understand there is no magic bullet solution for poverty. We are a community of individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations who believe in investing together in individuals and ideas that bring sustainable solutions to poverty.

Church Partners

We believe the Church is God’s instrument in proclaiming the Gospel, uniting believers, and transforming communities out of poverty. Our goal is to partner with churches around the world to bring Christ-centered transformative solutions to poverty and injustice in Africa.

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Corporate Partners

We love partnering with corporations and businesses that seek to give back and make a difference in the world around them. Corporate partnerships are often customized to fit the culture of the company, maximizing engagement in a mutually beneficial way for their corporation, their employees, and our work at Hope Africa Collective.

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Collaborative Partners

We recognize that we cannot see sustainable transformation by working alone, so we must link arms to support the students and communities we serve. We are honored to work with and through a variety of other organizations to support our work and to expand the network of opportunities for our students, in both official and unofficial capacities.

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