Church Partners

We believe the Church is God’s instrument in proclaiming the Gospel, uniting believers, and transforming communities out of poverty. Our goal is to partner with churches around the world to bring Christ-centered transformative solutions to poverty and injustice in Africa. 

Our Church Partners join arms with us in the following ways:

Send a short-term strategic ministry team to Africa for up to two weeks every two years

This enables first-hand experience with our organization as well as opportunities to engage in evangelism, community development, and local church equipping programs. This fosters a strong, active relationship and a collaborative spirit of partnership between us.

Provide consistent prayer support throughout the year

We can’t do this work on our own. Knowing you are actively holding up our staff team, volunteers, students, and local partners in prayer on a consistent basis strengthens our hearts in tremendous ways, and creates real change. We will regularly provide specific prayer requests and praise reports.

Financially fund one or more of our ministry projects annually

It’s not just about writing a check and meeting a need. It’s about taking ownership with us of a specific ministry project, helping to bring it to life, sustainably maintain it, and strategically further its impact. We will provide consistent communication regarding the ministry project’s progress.

Feature Hope Africa Collective at a weekend service once per quarter

This looks different at each of our Partner Churches, but has included sharing about the impact made through partnership in the bulletin, a video update, the teaching message, and/or an update announcement. We will gladly work with you to develop a method that feels organic to your church’s style and provide you with helpful material.

“Hope Africa is truly an incredible ministry! After spending time with the staff and witnessing the the kingdom of heaven being made known on earth in Cape Town, South Africa, our team was inspired to carry the Gospel faithfully back home in Orlando, Florida.”

Caleb Carine
Emerging Generation Coordinator | Mosaic Church

“Hope Africa Collective is pioneering community development work that is both innovative and impactful. Their love for the people of South Africa is evident in the way they care for the individual as well as the community. We are so grateful for partnerships with organizations that care about sustainability as they serve the under-resourced and we are honored to call them our partners!”

Merrie Karimov
On Mission Pastor | Discovery Church