Life Development

We believe holistic personal development is the most strategic way to empower individuals and communities to raise themselves out of poverty.

Our Life Development Program includes a 9-week course for 18-35 year-olds, targeting all aspects of their physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual development. Students are strategically equipped in oral English, math and financial literacy, computer literacy, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and overall life and relationship skills.

People are multi-faceted, so we take a multi-faceted approach to life and community development. This course is a perfect example of how we do this on the individual level.

We have established a support center to assist students who complete our programs to enter into future study or job opportunities. Around 70% of our students have no access to a computer or the internet, making it that much more difficult when it comes to finding jobs or applying online for study opportunities. Our support center is equipped with computers and online access—as well as trained staff who can assist and guide—to give students the tools they need to apply online for educational courses, scholarships, or jobs.

We have also partnered with local job agencies to provide access to their online job databases and their application/assessment processes for our students. The support center is just one more piece of the puzzle as we empower young people into the workplace.




People Impacted