Spiritual Formation

As a faith-based organization that believes in the principles and truth of the Bible, we believe our Spiritual Formation initiatives have the power to change lives from the inside out. We equip, mobilize, and inspire leaders, pastors, and churches to follow the way of Jesus in working alongside the poor and oppressed.

Church Equip

We empower and equip the local church and church leadership, with the goal of seeing the Church become the primary source of development in the communities in which we work. We provide various regular seminars and meetings for pastors and leaders of churches to be equipped in leadership development, discipleship, and Biblical training. Through our partnership with hundreds of churches in South African townships, we are seeing new levels of community transformation take place.

Our year-long leadership and discipleship program, Young Leaders Network (YLN), empowers young leaders through classes, small groups, one-on-one mentorship, and hands-on ministry opportunities. This course spiritually develops students in topics such as grace, identity in Christ, Biblical worldview, purpose, relationships, and servant leadership.

Biblical Education

We believe Biblical training should be accessible and affordable. In partnership with The King’s University (TKU) and South African Theological Seminary (SATS), we lead one-year pastoral certificate programs, offering valuable training to local pastors and church leaders, many of whom have not been able to afford a Biblical education. The course costs are kept low to make the program accessible to as many as possible.


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