Hair Salon Training Program

As part of our Economic Empowerment initiative, we offer a Hair Salon Training program. Students in this program have the opportunity to grow as an individual, a hairstylist, and a business owner. The program is made up of 2 phases: a four-month Training Phase followed by a Salon phase, whereby students become a franchised salon owner and receive their own fully functioning hair salon!


Modules of the Hair Salon Training Program:

Life Direction: All students in our Economic Empowerment initiatives begin with a 3-week module focused on life and job readiness. The Life Direction program holistically empowers students to process their past, understand their present, and start planning their future. Communication, goal setting, dealing with conflict, relationships, trust, forgiveness, and substance abuse are some of the topics covered.

Faith Discovery: In our Faith Discovery module we look at the big picture of who God is and His redemptive plan for us. Through looking at our own stories, and experiencing the freedom that Jesus can bring in our life, this course is very natural brings great freedom.

Business Literacy: Running a successful business depends not just on having a needed skill, but also on having good business sense. Effective marketing, customer service, and bookkeeping are just a few of the topics covered during this module. There are times of in-class learning as well as out-of-class assignments to see firsthand how successful business are operating.

Hair Stylist Training: The bulk of the training side of the program is made up of hands-on hair stylist training. The course covers everything from the basics to complex ethnic hair skills. Students learn in a fully-equipped classroom on live models as they become highly proficient hair stylists capable of running their own excellent hair salon.

Salon Phase: A student progresses to the Salon Phase of the program after successful completion of the Training Phase. In this part of the program, the student locates a property in their community that can be used for the site of a high-quality converted-container hair salon. Hope Africa Collective then builds this salon and plants it on-site. The new salon owner pays franchise fees which eventually pay off the salon asset. During this period, the salon owner has weekly business follow-up meetings, action plans, and other equipping times to see their business taken to the next level.