A Changed Life

February 22, 2013

L heard about our programs from a friend who’d attended our classes. She signed up, expecting to only participate in the Computer Literacy course, but got placed in Life Skills first—where her whole life unexpectedly changed. 

L grew up an orphan, bounced around between various family members. She endured emotional, verbal, and physical abuse at the hands of those who should have been caring for her. A lifetime of mistreatment left her angry and bitter. She had no inner peace and believed on a deep level that she was not valuable or even lovable. She felt like her life was a total mess when she came to join our courses.

Week after week in class, it was reiterated to L that she is valuable and important. She was told repeatedly that she has skills and gifts to offer the world. Hearing that message over and over again slowly chipped through the walls that had built around her heart.

L eventually found the courage and strength to share her story with the class. In doing so, she also found healing and grace, and was able to come to a place of forgiveness for those who’ve hurt her.

Now, L is convinced that God created her for a purpose and believes she has what it takes to achieve her dreams. She visits her family and is actively working on restoring those relationships.

“I am so happy. I know God loves and cares for me. In my family, now we talk to each other. My family sees a lot of change in me. I want to thank Bridge for Hope for helping me believe in myself for the first time. I hope this course will change many, many people’s lives in the future.”

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A Changed Life