A Mother’s Love & the Grace of God

February 4, 2023

By the grace of God… By the grace of God…

This phrase is carried by the wind—which blows through the Hope Africa Collective base, as we listen intently. Anne keeps saying it. It’s integral to her story.

By the grace of God…

She has her hands clasped in her lap. Her small stature doesn’t seem to be enough to contain the strong, independent persona she exudes.

Anne is the 32-year-old single mother of 5 beautiful boys all under the age of 12. These boys are 5 of the reasons she is so strong and independent. She has a confidence that is found from within but once again, only “by the grace of God.”

As she begins to share her story, her words are quick, but passionate.

Life is very difficult as a single mother—especially living in a world of poverty while trying to raise her children well, with an education.

This motherly love drove Anne to enroll in the Hair Salon Training Program at Hope Africa Collective in June of 2016. With a love for braiding hair since she was 17, she blossomed  in both the hands-on skills and the business skills portions of the program. 

It was within the walls of the Hope Africa hair salon, and amidst the constant worship songs sung throughout the day, that she discovered a purpose and hope like no other. She graduated in November that year.

Anne is a “go-getter,” not just for herself, but for the benefit of those around her as well. She is extremely mindful of others.

By the grace of God and with the help of Hope Africa Collective, “I opened my first salon on March 23rd, 2017,” Anne reflects.

Anne is proud of this significant date. With the money she makes from this salon, she provides for herself, her 5 boys, and also helps pay for her parents’ housing. She was even able to move out of her parents’ house to live independently with her boys.

“And by the grace of God, I’ve been saving up money to open another salon.”

She plans to rent out her first salon to another stylist, and help provide a job and income for another family. And then with her second salon, she will continue to provide for her own family. Anne also hopes to provide cosmetic materials in her salons as supplemental income.

The excitement inside Anne just bubbles out of her. Even though she sits composed, her voice speaks rapidly and passionately. It was as if she has been awaiting this moment─sharing what she has come from, what she’s accomplished, and how she endures, all by the grace of God.

The wind wraps around Anne as she shares her story, and the sound of worshipping voices rises from the hair salon. A beauty settles upon the situation─one that feels palpable. It was the same beauty that graced Anne’s life, and carried her through some very difficult times.

The grace of God.


You can empower students just like Anne.

Your gift of $50/mo will cover the costs for 1 individual living in extreme poverty to

complete the Hair Salon Training Program each year.

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A Mother’s Love & the Grace of God