Champion Hope in South Africa

July 19, 2021

What image comes to mind when you think of Champions?  At Hope Africa we think of hard work, the diligent effort it takes especially when encountering obstacles. We think of determination and persistence in the face of adversity. A champion has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons to learn from.

We think of perseverance in training, maintaining a coachable and resilient spirit in pursuit of a goal. We envision a strong support system comprised of a knowledgeable and focused coach, supportive and encouraging family, as well as committed and faithful sponsors.  At Hope Africa, when we think of Champions, we think of our students.

Becoming a Champion is Possible

Our Champions, our committed students, show up day after day to be coached, encouraged, and challenged to believe something new for their lives, to learn new skills and concepts, and to believe beyond the realities they have lived and experienced all their lives.

These Champions need a well-equipped training facility and we have a Training Center in Cape Town, South Africa.  Our campus staff are the faithful coaches who encourage their spirits, develop their character, cultivate strengths, and challenge our champions to become everything God created them to be every day, via programs that holistically transform them for a lifetime. 

We invite you to the Collective!

No champion would ever find themselves on the podium without the faithful contribution of sponsors who offer financial support to provide for their needs. Our supporters and donors are the sponsors who provide the prayers and financial needs to make transformation possible on our campus and in the communities we serve. Because of them, there is more opportunity available and resources to share.

As we embark on our Champion Hope campaign, we invite you to Give Now to join our Collective team and be a part of creating Champions, changing lives, empowering families, and transforming communities.  

Join the Collective. Support our Champions!

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Champion Hope in South Africa