Hope Africa Collective Entrepreneurship Forum 2022

July 28, 2022

Our Hope Africa Collective team recently hosted an Entrepreneurship forum for current and past economic development students, inviting them into a space where they could hear from each other as well as other entrepreneurs.  Held at Philippi Village, which offers a great space right in the community with a variety of different businesses and companies, this event offered valuable support to our current and aspiring entrepreneurs.
3 main goals were established:     
1.     To inspire current and future entrepreneurs.
2.     To receive feedback from past students.
3.     To connect and network with one another.

*From Left to Right: Ziyanda, the Hope Africa Collective (HAC) Hair program leader. Veliswa, a HAC Hair program graduate and entrepreneur. Sazi, a HAC Trades program graduate and entrepreneur. Asanda, a local entrepreneur who started her own corporate branding company. Mandisa, a local businesswoman and HAC board member.

A panel discussion with two former students turned business owners and two community connections was the highlight of the event.  Offering information such as how they got started in business, tips they have for aspiring entrepreneurs, what they see in the market in terms of space for other entrepreneurs and similar advice, these discussions proved extremely beneficial and enlightening for those in attendance.   
Additionally, we brought in a local company that provides fair and accessible business loans to aspiring entrepreneurs, with a special interest in empowering female entrepreneurs.
Offering practical information and resources to aid our students in their entrepreneurship journey is an important piece of the Hope Africa Collective mission.  We look forward to assessing the feedback received and exploring how we might be able to offer more events like this to support our students.


Cheryl Harper|July 30, 2022
Such a lovely, inspirational event which I really enjoyed Youth need more of these!!!

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Hope Africa Collective Entrepreneurship Forum 2022