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August 28, 2012

God never ceases to amaze us. Watching Him transform the lives of our EPIC students right before our eyes has been absolutely mind-blowing! But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to them share in their own words.

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This course marked a significant transition in my life. Before I came to EPIC, I had a lot of insecurities. I felt inadequate because of my social environment and family background, which killed my vision. But through sharing our life stories and journeys, I am proud now to say I have a vision to accomplish with my life.” -Lwazi

“EPIC has changed me inside and out. I am a new person now. My life had been full of anger, bitterness, and hatred. Although my body was living, my heart was bound and dead. In EPIC we were thought about our identity, grace, love, mercy, and how to connect with God. I now know where I belong. I know my values and identity. I am the image of God, wonderfully made with perfection. Thank you to each and every one who played a role in changing my life.” -Bomkazi

“There were things that had happened in my life—bad things I never spoke to anyone about. God dug and searched through my heart and touched those wounds. My pain was removed and God installed joy and peace within. Now I am free and my life has changed. I am now confident about myself. I believe God loves me and has big plans for me.” -Zimkhitha

“EPIC restored the dreams and hope I had lost. I felt like the whole world had turned its back on me and I believed I wasn’t worth much. When I joined this course, my eyes were opened. I started to see why God created me and who I am to God. All that I went through in my life was God preparing me for something huge. My life was completely changed. I thank EPIC so much and I pray that God may give them power to keep on going.” -Namhla

Help us ‘keep on going’.


Dan and Catrina|September 28, 2012
Great job guys, really exciting to read about and see so many beautiful smiling faces!
    Bridge For Hope|October 1, 2012
    So great to hear from you guys. Thank you for your partnership!

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