Epoch Nomination

July 11, 2013

We are so honored to have been nominated for a 2013 Epoch Award!

The Epoch Missions Gala was launched in 2011 with a desire to share inspiring stories and innovative solutions to problems of poverty and suffering in the world. This one-of-a-kind celebration connected generations, organizations, and nations as they honored those serving globally. They gave away awards totaling $50,000 to individuals and organizations that are restoring broken places and lives through creative, God-honoring projects and initiatives.

And this year, they’re doing it again! At Epoch 2013, they will again award $50,000 in financial grants to further these missional endeavors.

As a nominee, we stand a chance to win one of these awards to help advance the work of Hope Africa Collective.

And that excites us because, in our perspective, the real unsung heroes to be celebrated are the courageous and dedicated South Africans who are rising up to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Winning an Epoch award will help us to develop even more young men and women in impoverished areas. These young, passionate leaders are growing in their personal capacity and, as a result, sparking and sustaining widespread change that is both transformative and sustainable. 

Take two minutes to learn more about our innovative work in Africa:

[youtube watch?v=_yhe0QUx5rE?rel=0&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&w=500]

Visit the Epoch Awards website to learn more about this incredible event and how you can get involved. You can also help by sharing our nomination for an Epoch Award via social media. There are easy SHARE links at the bottom of the post. Tag us on Twitter with @HopeAfricaSA and on Facebook with Hope Africa Collective.

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Epoch Nomination