Fresh Perspective

November 24, 2014

Sometimes to really understand what you have, God gives you a fresh perspective. For me that fresh perspective came from my time spent with Hope Africa.

We read from the scriptures that God is the God of miracles, healing, redemption, protection, and provision. We believe these things, but yet can go about our everyday lives where there is not as much dependency for God because of the comfort of the continent that we live in. I wonder how many wonders of God I am missing due to my own self-reliance.

My time spent in Cape Town with Hope Africa allowed me to see God on display in greater ways. The power and presence of God was at work and evident in so many ways. I was able to witness healing and true life transformation. The Gospel shines brightest in the darkest of places.

Jesus truly is the hope of the world. Hope Africa knows that and keeps the Gospel at the core of all it does. Yes, Hope Africa is making an earthly difference in the precious lives of people. However the eternal impact they are making is far greater. This life is but a vapor of time. Poverty and suffering is only temporary compared to the vastness of eternity. Hope Africa is helping people live into all that God has for their earthly lives while also preparing them for all God has for their heavenly residence.

-John P. from the Discovery Church Team


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Fresh Perspective