From the Inside Out

January 26, 2012

As we work to generate sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa, we believe that communities need more than economic and educational support. They also need spiritual renewal. True, lasting change comes from the inside out as we allow the Lord to transform our hearts. 

In just a few weeks, we will begin our first Biblical Training outreach. We’ll be teaching a weekly Bible Overview class, providing a big picture look at the Bible and how everything fits together. Our aim is to help people see God’s redemption plan throughout history and for their own lives.

This class is open to pastors and Christians who want to learn more for themselves and to share within their own church communities. It will also be open to the students who are participating in our Life Skills and Computer Training programs—many of whom are non-Christians.

This is just the beginning foundation for more in-depth Biblical training programs down the road, but we are excited about this pivotal launching point. We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring the transformative work of Jesus Christ into the lives of those we serve!


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From the Inside Out