Giving & Receiving

April 26, 2014

Susan Dixon, who recently visited us with a team of staff and leadership from Discovery Church in Orlando, had some amazing things to say about some of our staff team. We love the team God’s putting together to develop people and communities in South Africa! 

In Susan’s own words…

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Mawande is a humble young man with a deepness of spirit that I’ve never seen in someone so young (he just turned 26). He is a fervent believer of God’s ability and power and has a dream of planting many churches, not just in South Africa but in many other nations. God has given Mawande the gift of healing and he dedicated some sweet time to members of our team that were struggling with a few ailments, some big and some small. God used Mawande to minister to us and the Holy Spirit was palpable during that time. I was witness to some miraculous healing, and then what touched me most was Mawande thanking us for taking the time with him and then heading off to heat up his lunch. He is a normal, down to earth, beautiful human being that has simply opened up his life so that God might use him in this way.


Thembelani.jpgThembelani is a strong young man that works as part of a team that leads EPIC, the discipleship program at Hope Africa. He is confident and reserved; someone that speaks well and encourages others. After each team of Hope Africa presented some of their work to us, Terry Hilliard, their founder, asked us all to spend some time in worship and in gratitude for the great work God has been doing and will continue to do. Thembelani was right next to me and began shouting his praise out to the Lord. “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!” over and over again with his arms stretched up to the heavens. Amazing how someone that seemed so calm and composed one minute could completely lose himself in worshiping our Lord the next. I was honored and humbled to witness, not just Thembelani, but the rest of the team so on fire for Jesus and not afraid to show it.


Abee was a sweet young woman with a huge heart for the Lord. She seems to be growing in her spiritual journey and exploring some of the spiritual gifts God has imparted on her; one of them being the gift of prophecy. God chose to put me on her heart while we were there so she came to me with several truths over the course of those days. Each time, she was quite timid and maybe a little afraid that she wasn’t getting it right, but she affirmed many things for me that I already know to be true. I was able to speak truth into her life also. God has a unique purpose for this daughter of Zion and she only needs to live in confidence knowing God can and does speak through her. Experiences like this are unique in that she gave as much to me as I gave to her, if not more.


Sometimes, when we serve, we can come with the assumption that we will be the “givers”—I was very touched by the intermingling of giving and receiving that we experienced at Hope Africa.

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Come serve with us!


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Giving & Receiving