Giving Tuesday: #Give20in2020

November 26, 2019

“If you know God, there is always that hope. Yes, it is hurting to go through difficulties. It is hurting to go through a lot of stuff in life. At least if you have God, you have that hope. You have someone to go to, to talk to. When you express yourself to God, God listens. Hope Africa helped me to heal. It helped me to forgive. It helped me to let go.”

A former student, now Assistant Staff in the Hair Salon Training Program

Giving Tuesday is on December 3rd of this year.

It is an event of community empowerment; a “global generosity movement”. It is an opportunity for the world to acknowledge, amidst a season of receiving, that there is blessing in giving.

It is an opportunity for people to acknowledge that we are more similar than different, and that unity can be found in looking outside of ourselves to consider our brothers and sisters around the world.

Simply, it is a single day out of the year where we just encourage each other to do good, however that plays out.

We want to give generously, collaborate over generosity, and celebrate generosity. In a day and age where it is all too easy to disconnect, we want December 3rd to be a day where we intentionally connect with our neighbor next door, and with our neighbors on the other side of the world.

Hope Africa Collective is engaging in this generosity initiative. We believe in EMPOWERMENT. We believe in HOPE. We believe in the transformative power of the GOSPEL. And we believe that 2020 can be the year we witness more healing, more breakthrough, more life-change.

Just like Bongeka’s, there are countless similar stories of others who find themselves right where she was. Stories of real live people, who are currently living in poverty, who have lost hope, who feel alone and purposeless.

We aren’t content with allowing these realities to exist. We aren’t content with just appreciating and celebrating the life-change that has already occurred up to this point (although the impact has gone far beyond what we could have imagined!). There are more lives to be impacted, more lives to receive purpose, more lives to be surrounded by a community and an environment of hope and empowerment. This is exactly what is found within the walls of Hope Africa Collective.

None of this would be true if it weren’t for the involvement of passionate, generous individuals who believe in our mission. People who pray, people who give of their time and resources, and people who go to serve with Hope Africa Collective in the outskirts of Cape Town.

Join the family of Hope Africa and get a front row seat to what God is doing in and through the programs, the interactions, the individuals there at work in the brick walls of Hope Africa’s base. Unite with us in the mission we have been blessed to carry out there. Your partnership has ripple effects that go beyond the oceans that separate our nations. Your partnership will change lives.

#Give20in2020 is Hope Africa’s campaign for the coming year and it is simple in nature: Commit to giving $20 a month for the year of 2020. (That’s equivalent to giving up a latte a week!)

By giving $20 a month, we can multiply these ripple effects beyond ourselves and beyond a single story. It has the real power to go beyond our imagination.

Visit our #Give2020in2020 campaign website and read four different stories of radical life-change. This is just the beginning of the stories that will come out of this campaign, that will come out of your engagement with Hope Africa Collective.

When you empower a South African, you empower their family, their community, their city. Join the HAC story, join our family, and commit to #Give20in2020.


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Giving Tuesday: #Give20in2020