Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: One Handyman at a Time

November 2, 2016

In September, we hosted our first annual Fundraising Banquet in Orlando, Florida. It was a wonderful evening as we shared not only an update of what’s been happening at Hope Africa, but also a glimpse into where we are headed.

Jeremy Hilliard, one of our fearless founders, shared about the development of our trade skills training program during the banquet, which we live streamed on Facebook. (Technology is amazing, isn’t it?) Here’s a short iPhone clip of Jeremy’s talk. (Apologies in advance for the poor video/audio quality!)

Our handyman training program will train 30 men at a time in trade skills: construction, electrical, and plumbing. Through our development program, these men will also be equipped with business skills so they can launch and operate their own handyman businesses upon graduation.

Remember our hair salon training program for women? The men trained in our handyman program will be the ones who build the salons for those women! Simultaneous empowerment, mobilization, and development!

God is so good! We have been gifted land on which to construct the trade skills workshop and training facility, and a volunteer team is committed to come help build in order to help us save on costs! The only piece still needed to fall into place is funding.

We need $100,000 by December 15th in order to commence construction on time. 

Will you help us create these vital skill-training and employment opportunities to lift people out of the cycle of poverty?

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: One Handyman at a Time