How Learning to Use a Computer Can Change Your Life

July 30, 2013

Life change—like any kind of change, really—happens incrementally. Step by step, moment by moment, we are transformed as we learn and grow. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we’ve actually changed until we look back and see the different mile markers along our journey. Then we discover just how far we’ve actually come.

It is a beautiful gift for us to walk alongside our students as they purposefully and passionately develop every area of their lives. The changes we see take place through our holistic life development process are absolutely incredible!

We wish you could see the amazing transformation firsthand, but until then, enjoy this glimpse through an overview of what takes place in our Computer Literacy course…

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Week 1: Keyboarding
The students are afraid to even touch the computer. They worry that they’ll ruin it. They stare at the mouse cautiously as they touch it. We create email accounts for them, and teach them how to use the mouse, type on the keyboard, and access their email.

Week 2: Windows
We can see the excitement on their faces telling us that they are ready for more lessons. Some even chat via email about how the course is playing a role in their lives. It’s awesome to see them start to “get it”.

Week 3: Microsoft Word 
The students gain familiarity with the word processing application. Some even say it’s a piece of cake and do most of the work without asking for help. We love seeing their confidence grow when they are able to accomplish work without assistance. It shows great courage that wasn’t there before.

Week 4:  Microsoft Excel
The students can’t wait to learn about the formulas! At the same time, they’re also afraid that they might fail this module. By Day 4, they are so excited and confident that some ask questions about things not even covered in the textbook. They want to learn all they can.

Week 5: Internet 
The students are amazed to discover all the things they can do online: apply for jobs, shop, study courses, read the news, etc. This opens a whole new world for them, and they really enjoy digging deeper into the internet.

Week 6: Resumés
We guide the students through creating professional-looking resumés/CVs. We also help them gain more speed and accuracy in typing, and prepare them for their final computer exam. This is the week where we see that we have raised heroes—there are always tears of joy from both the students and staff.

:: :: ::

As you can see, our Computer Literacy course is about so much more than computers. It instills confidence, builds courage, and stirs hope as our students discover they can do more than they ever thought possible.

Your partnership accomplishes more than you ever thought possible as well. Because sometimes life change happens one mouse-click at a time. 


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How Learning to Use a Computer Can Change Your Life