Impacting the Economy Through Facebook Fundraising

September 22, 2020

Do you ever desire to make more of an impact in your local or global community, but are not sure how to do it?

Now, more than ever, is the time to bring that desire to fruition. And we can share with you one simple but powerful way of how you can do it!

Here in South Africa we have personally felt and seen the weight of the economic implications the pandemic has wreaked on our already-struggling economy. And for those already living in poverty, they aren’t exempt from the worsening situation.

We’ve had students who had attained jobs coming out of our programs, and have since then been laid off because of the lockdown and slow reopening of the country. This means that those who were already in survival mode in the townships and who had made efforts to climb out of poverty, are now back in dire situations.

We know the whole world is experiencing hard things on different levels right now, however some of our South African friends and family are struggling with simply putting food on the table for their families each day. This is a reality that breaks our hearts, especially when our mission is to empower individuals and bring an end to poverty here in the South African townships.

Now is a time where people need a lot of HOPE. The darker our surroundings, the brighter the light and the hope!

Would you join us in bringing more HOPE to our impoverished communities?

By starting a Facebook fundraiser, you and your loved ones can directly impact the students who come to Hope Africa looking for hope and a change in their socioeconomic status.

Here is the breakdown of what your campaign could actually impact!

  • $180 supports a student through the Life Development Program. This transformative 2-month program gives many students their first exposure to new, tangible hope and provides them with the foundational tools necessary to begin their climb out of poverty.
  • $400 supports a student through the Hair Salon Training program. This cost covers all the respective training, learning opportunities, and equipment necessary to propel them through this 5-month long program.
  • $500 supports a local pastor or church leader through the Pastoral program (aka Hope Africa’s Bible College as supported by The King’s University.) This 12-month long program takes students through the foundations of Biblical theology and gospel-centric understanding, and equips them with the tools they need to shepherd their churches well.
  • $800 supports a student through the Trade Skills program. This cost covers all the respective training, learning opportunities, and equipment necessary to propel them through this 6-month long program.
  • $3,300 covers the cost of a hair salon for a Hair Salon Training program graduate. Part of our microenterprise framework is to help equip Hair Salon graduates at the end of their program with their own salon. If they are able to secure 10% of the cost of the salon, Hope Africa will cover the remaining 90%, which is equivalent to $3,300.

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to set up your simple Facebook campaign from either your desktop or your mobile device. We encourage you to run your Facebook campaign for 3 days to have the maximum impact. With YOUR help, reaching out to YOUR circle of influence, we can help rewrite the story of poverty for so many South Africans.

By simply setting up the campaign on Facebook and letting your friends and family know the difference YOU want to make, it can inspire a ripple effect of many who share the same desire.

We’re so excited to see what we can do together, as a united, global collective!!


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Impacting the Economy Through Facebook Fundraising