Living Proof

August 3, 2015

With both her parents deceased, Thina struggled to find meaning in life and found herself in a deep place of depression. She knew she needed a life change, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. She signed up for our Life Development Program to see if it might help…

As she came to class each week throughout the nine-week program, Thina started getting a glimpse of how different her future could be—and of the power she held to make decisions which would steer her journey. She quickly realized she needed to change her lifestyle if she was going to become serious about creating a better future for herself. She willingly opened up to the rest of the group one day, sharing her life story with her classmates and staff. That enormously brave step left her feeling as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She said she felt hope for the first time in a long while…

Through the course of the program, Thina came out of her shell and became a bubbly, joyful, vibrant young woman. She reconnected with her church family, set goals to get a job and save for university, and began making plans to study to become a teacher. In her own words: “My heart is now completely different. It feels healed and whole.”

Our programs aren’t just about equipping young people with skills to acquire a job. They are literally transforming lives from the inside out.

Thina is living proof.

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Living Proof