“My Whole Life is Changed!”

June 6, 2013


Our most recent Bible Overview class just wrapped up, and our students wanted you to hear about their experience—

“I learned a lot of things. Like how God created us, and that He forgives us. It made me believe that God is with us and that He loves us.”  

“Now I have a relationship with God!”

“My life has changed for the better. I made a very significant decision to follow Jesus Christ my Savior!” 

“I learned that Jesus died for us on the cross. He sacrificed Himself so that our sins can be forgiven by God. “

“Now I know Jesus died for me. I learned that if I ask something, God is always there to answer me.”

“I learned so much about the Bible. It is an interesting book, full of real life situations, promises, and the good way of living.”

“I am so happy that now I know how Jesus fulfilled the promises of God.”

“My whole life is changed now!” 

… … …

Thank you for making all of this possible through your prayers and giving. Lives are being transformed from the inside out!


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“My Whole Life is Changed!”