“Now I have my own business!”

June 28, 2018

After Veve graduated from our Hair Salon Training program last year, she launched her own salon. Her sweet spirit, joyful nature, and incredible determination have made her a successful business owner! We are honored to be a part of Veve’s journey and are thrilled to continue partnering with her as she runs her salon.

Veve reflects on how God has impacted her life through the program:

“I heard about Hope Africa Collective at my church. I applied for the hair program because in my heart I wanted to have a business so that I could have influence in people’s lives.

Going through the program was not always easy, but I attended every day — and I enjoyed it! I learned a lot.

I learned how to run my business. I learned to trust myself. I learned how to change people’s lives. And I learned that business is not just about me, but it’s about helping others.

The program has changed me. We have even been interviewed on TV and on the radio! Now people say, ‘I want to do my hair in Veve’s hair salon!’ It has been so amazing! If I didn’t do this hair program at Hope Africa, I would have been stuck in my home, wondering what I could have done with my life. Now I have my own business! I’m not dependent on anyone; I only depend on God!

I see my future within business. I want to change people’s lives with my business. Before this program, I didn’t see my future very clearly. But know I want to help people. It makes me feel so good!

My salon is very busy. I have many clients! I don’t need people to know my name or who I am. I just want to help people through my business. I want people to know that just as I was helped, I also want to help others.

I want to introduce my clients to Jesus. They are beautiful on the outside, but inside they are broken. So, I figured I had to pray and share the Word with them. Some of them have gotten saved and returned to church. Every day I have prayer meeting with my clients in my hair salon where we pray and share the Word.


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“Now I have my own business!”