On Finding Life After Death

January 13, 2016

Vovo is 28 years old, and, like many of us, she’s gone through some hard times in life. The challenges she faced left her feeling hopeless, lost, and alone; unhappiness and anger eventually began to take over.

Then, in an instant, her entire life came to a heartwrenching standstill almost exactly one year ago, when her 11-year-old son was struck by a car and killed.

Time passed in a blur of grief and heartache as Vovo tried to figure out how to move forward and pick up the pieces of her unraveled life. It was then that she decided to join the Life Development Program at Hope Africa Collective. If for no other reason, she knew it would at least help keep her mind busy from constantly thinking about her son.

Understandably, Vovo started out very hard, bitter, and argumentative; but then she shared her story with her classmates. In that moment of vulnerability, she began to feel something she hadn’t felt before. Somewhere deep inside her, the long work of healing was beginning simply because she courageously chose to put words to her story.

And the healing only continued.

Vovo had been struggling with feelings of guilt. As she dreamed of pursuing education, finding employment, and building a future for herself, she feared that her son would feel forgotten as she actively worked to move forward. Through the life direction and coaching elements of the course, she made peace with what happened. She came to a place of genuinely knowing that her love for her son is motivation for her to live her life to the fullest. Now more than ever, she is committed to going to school, finding quality work, and seeking a fulfilled and joyful life.

By the end of this 9-week initial phase of the program, Vovo’s demeanor has changed. Drastically. There is a softness where there once was a stone-hard heart, and a gratitude where there had been bitterness. She knows that while struggles will continue throughout her life, she now has the tools she needs to process and navigate what comes her way. She exudes a newfound joy, knowing that she can truly face her future with hope, free from the burdens she’d carried for so long.

This kind of transformation only happens from the inside out, and it is a matchless gift to watch it unfold.

Vovo is excited to continue on in the Life Development Program with us, strengthened by the support of her leaders and peers. She’s also applied to university where she plans to study Human Resources next year.

Without a doubt, God will continue to do unfathomable and mighty things in and through her life.

Let’s join Him in His work…


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On Finding Life After Death