Our Extraordinary God

November 12, 2014

One of our partners, Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida, sent a team to serve with recently. It was an incredible trip—for us, for them, and for everyone they engaged with while they were here.

The six men and two women who came eagerly tackled every task with joy, recognizing that there are real people who are being touched on the other end of their hard work. During their time with us, the team was involved in a variety of ministry and serving opportunities. They led a pastors’ training seminar, preached in a local church, and led training times with our staff.


They also built a house, taught in our Life Development program, ministered through relationship evangelism, encouraged our EPIC students at their graduation, and assisted in running a community outreach event.

During one street ministry outreach, they met a woman who was in debilitating pain (she is pictured below in the middle, wearing a white, brown, and blue striped shirt). They found her laying on her couch, crippled by her awful pain—but she welcomed the team in and listened fervently as they shared with her about the healing and saving power of God.

After praying with the team, her pain vanished! She was completely healed. She, her daughter, and others in her family found the love of Christ for the first time—all because some ordinary people took our extraordinary God at His Word. God does amazing things when we step out in faith and obedience!

The team returned to America with tired bodies but full hearts. In all their pouring out, God was constantly filling them right back up again. Over the next week, we are going to share with you some more about their experiences in South Africa with us—in their own words. We are thrilled for you to get to hear what God did in them as He also worked through them.


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Our Extraordinary God