Radio Waves

July 10, 2012

Several of our team members were interviewed on the radio last week. Franklin, Asanda, and Thembelani did an amazing job sharing about Bridge for Hope and the programs we offer, and the interview was aired live to millions of listeners in the area!

Thembelani even got to share his testimony and highlight his own personal experiences with our various programs. So powerful!

Before the 3 of them even left the radio station, calls began streaming in from people wanting more information. It’s been really exciting to see all the new students enrolling for our Bible Overview, Life Skills, and Computer Literacy courses.

Love the opportunity God gave us to use the radio waves to reach people with the message of hope! 

Radio Bedside Wansat 4002 - Box Courvin

[Photo by JP Corrêa Carvalho]

Where have you seen hope lately? 


Claudia J. Maniscalco|July 10, 2012
That's sweet =) Keep it up over there, you guys are awesome =)

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Radio Waves