8 Reasons Hair Salons Matter More Than You Think

September 14, 2016

Eight women were chosen for our salon training program from over thirty applicants. They have embarked on a four-month journey of personal development, business education, and hair styling training.

We want to introduce you to these incredible women!

This intensive program starts with a three-week Life Development Course, followed by a combination of business courses and hands-on learning. While the women are studying business operation practices and financial management, they are also learning to cut, braid, weave, and treat hair.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are responsible to secure a location to operate their salon. Then the salons are funded and built by Hope Africa — constructed in shipping containers! You can follow the most recent building project on Instagram: #ProjectHairSalonBuild.

The women then operate their salon in full-swing, providing services within their community. Their monthly franchise fee pays back the construction cost so that, eventually, the women will fully own both their building and business.

We are incredibly proud of these women, who are working so diligently to gain financial independence and provide for their families.

Thank you for making this possible through your partnership. As you support this vital work, you are making a lasting impact on not only these women, but also future generations and the communities in which they live.



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8 Reasons Hair Salons Matter More Than You Think