Scouting Trip

October 1, 2011

In the summer of 2009, our entire team embarked on a scouting trip. The four of us traveled through South Africa, Lesotho, and Botswana to explore various ministry models as well as possible locations to launch Bridge for Hope.

During that five week trip, we met with 50 organizations, non-profits, community development projects, and churches. We went in as learners and asked a lot of questions. Through this we were able to get a broader perspective on the needs in Southern Africa and the most effective strategies for meeting them.

In our travels, we came across the area of the Cape Flats outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Home to 4 million people, the Cape Flats has been accurately described as the “dumping ground of apartheid”. It is here that both black and colored South Africans were relocated and forced into informal settlements under apartheid rule in the late 1950’s.

Today, the Cape Flats face huge challenges of poverty, oppression, and overcrowding. 30% of the community is HIV+ and 50% are unemployed.

To say the need is great is an understatement. Yet despite its misgivings, it is an area rich in culture and creativity. The hope and potential for change is palpable…

We all felt strongly in our spirit that this was the place to begin Bridge for Hope…

More about our team’s move to South Africa
coming soon…

-Jeremy Hilliard


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Scouting Trip