Shine Light

August 15, 2019

We crave the presence of light. Our eyes are immediately attracted to that which is illuminated. Whether it’s the sunlight sneaking out from behind the curtain in the morning or the flickering of a single candle lit late into the night. We are drawn to light. This is true not just for our physical bodies but our souls as well.

Let me introduce you to Kanya.

Life has not been easy for Kanya. From a young age she was diagnosed as a cardiac patient and has dealt with several issues regarding her health.

Tears fill her eyes as she shares:

“I have had a heart problem… I started getting pain in my back and then it was TB, and then from TB it was heart failure and then lung failure and then chest infections. I couldn’t do anything for three years. I had to stay at home. I had to look after my health. So I became very depressed in thinking that I had disappointed my parents because I couldn’t do anything with my life, and my friends were graduating. So I became depressed and I was overthinking my life. Yeah, so it was very hard.”

After hearing about Hope Africa Collective from a friend, she anticipated taking the Computer Literacy program. However, she quickly found herself in the Life Directions program.

“This course really changed my life. So now when I leave here, I know what I want to do. I know that I want a career and I want to help children who will grow up with the same disease I am going through. The reason I want to become a nurse is because I want to work with children. I love children so much.”

Kanya’s story has already begun inspiring all those around her. When asked if she was a “walking miracle”, she responded with:

“Yes… they do not know a way to explain my condition and they do not know how I stay this healthy.

“When I came here, I was already a God-fearing person because my family is a family of prayer. So when I came here [to Hope Africa], it just added to my knowledge of what I know about Jesus. So I know that I am here because of God. I am here because of my parents’ prayers, because children with my disease do not normally make it to 10 years.”

Kanya is 24 years old. Kanya is a student, a survivor, a dreamer. And whether she believes it or not, she’s already living out her purpose; the purpose that is found in her name.

“Do you know what your name means?” she was asked by a Hope Africa staff member.

Kanya responded simply, “Shine Light.”


Kanya|August 16, 2019
I am truly touched ❤
Lelo Veco|September 11, 2019
This just warmed my heart.. More light and love unto you Kanya..

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