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December 11, 2012

What if you could support our work in Africa just by shopping online? Well, you can!

Big Picture: A company called Pure Charity has partnered with over 1,000 popular stores that allow customers to give a portion of their online shopping charges to the giving project of their choice.

How It Works: You create an account with Pure Charity and securely register your debit/credit card. Each time you use that card online at places like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc., a portion of your purchase goes directly to your giving account to fund your chosen project. How awesome is that? 

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

1. Sign up for a Pure Charity account.  If you’re on Facebook, you can sign in through that (which is great for sharing in the future), or you can sign up the old-fashioned way.

2. Register your main credit/debit card. This is 100% secure and safe! Follow this link to add your card information.

3. Install the browser plugin. This makes a little icon pop up when you’re shopping online at participating vendors, and with a simple *click*, a percentage of your purchase will go directly into your personal giving account with Pure Charity. It works at over 1,000 online stores like:

Best Buy. Target. Gap. Groupon. Priceline. Sam’s Club. Apple. Sephora. Petsmart. Walmart. Lowe’s. Forever 21. Expedia. 

4. Follow Bridge for Hope to stay up to date on their Pure Charity projectsAlso follow the Epic project we are actively trying to fund right now.

5. Start shopping! When you see the little icon pop up, click on it. It will show you the percentage of your purchase that vendor will give back to you for your giving account. Click on the percentage to activate it. You’ll also see special discounts and offers available to you. From there, you can browse the site and shop as usual.

6. Support your favorite project. Pick us! Pick us! Donate using the funds you’ve collected in your giving account, and/or give additional funds directly from your registered debit/credit card. Note that these projects are time-specific. If a project doesn’t fund by the finish date, Pure Charity refunds the money back into your giving account.

6. Share with friends! Pure Charity makes it so easy to share causes you’re passionate about with your friends and followers.

We only have 90 days to fully fund our project—but we believe we can get it done, together. So will you give us ten minutes? Go sign up and get started with Pure Charity.


Shannon Mintz|December 12, 2012
Haha! I love this! ;) ;)
    Alece Ronzino (@gritandglory)|December 12, 2012
    Thank you for the great idea!

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