Sparks That Fly

December 4, 2019

Anyone meeting Sandiso for the first time might not see it. 

The spark.

He’s quiet. “A man of few words”, as some have called his type. He’s reserved, but that doesn’t dull the spark that’s there.

Exactly when he got it, maybe he doesn’t even know. However it’s there and it represents the desires of his heart, the passion he has for change—first in his family and then in his community.

With a wife and two young children, he takes the role of provider seriously. Sandiso isn’t a joking man. He knows what he wants and works hard for it. He lives out the Scripture…

“Aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands.”

1 Thessalonians 4:11

He shares his story while sitting on an upside-down bucket outside his home, with a shiny utility trailer in the front yard. Sandiso made this trailer with his own hands─crafted it, sweated over it, with sparks flying. He’s proud of this trailer, but even more proud of what it represents─provision. The trailer is a tangible reminder that he is now able to provide for his sweet little family.

In South Africa, finding work is quite difficult. At Hope Africa Collective, we have discovered that the answer doesn’t lie in handing people jobs; nor does it lie in refraining from doing anything. We believe that genuine empowerment is part of the answer.

“I was struggling. I spent every day at home. I lost hope.” Sandiso pauses, considering whether to be vulnerable.

“I struggled with depression and suicide.”

Reaching out to his friends and leaders in the local church, he discovered that there is hope and that there is purpose to his life. Jesus alone provides that hope and purpose. As Sandiso started attending church and being encouraged by these individuals, he decided that life was worth hanging onto for just a bit longer.

And that’s when he was introduced to Hope Africa Collective.

Upon receiving a Hope Africa flyer from a man walking the streets, Sandiso became interested in the trade skills program. Fast-forward through applying, attending, and graduating this program, Sandiso has since started his own welding business—building utility trailers.

Sandiso is now hopeful for the future and his inner spark continues to drive him. He hopes to collect funding in order to grow his business and keep selling and renting out trailers─all of which provides for his family and impacts his community. 

With some of the money he made from the business, he was able to buy a car. This is a rare commodity in the community he lives in.

“This street is different”, says a Hope Africa staff member in reference to the street Sandiso lives on. “This used to be a dangerous and negative street years ago, however now there’s something different in the air about it.”

And that, in part, is due to the life and spark of Sandiso.

If you have seen or can imagine the sparks that fly from a welder at work, those are the sparks that fly from the life of Sandiso.

First, he found Jesus.

Then, he found Hope Africa Collective.

And now, he has found a passion and business to provide for his family.

Now that you’ve met Sandiso, maybe you can see the spark as well. And maybe it’s because you possess the same spark as this young father in South Africa.


Will you join us with a gift of $20/month in 2020 to help light and sustain this spark of hope in the hearts of others in need?



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Sparks That Fly