Student Snapshot: Meet Asive!

March 8, 2016

Our most recent EPIC course just wrapped up. (As a refresher, EPIC is our leadership and discipleship intensive. You can read more about it here →) Because of the comprehensive focus during the first month of the program, the students that fully engage in the process often experience drastic life change. It’s simply astounding (and humbling) to watch and be a part of.

One of our recent EPIC grads, Asive, recently shared with us some of the ways the program has impacted her personally.

“Before, my life was a mess due to the choices that I made. Ever since I came to EPIC, my life has changed. It’s no longer the same.”

Sarah, one of our staff members, asked her if there was a specific moment that stood out in her mind. And we were blown away by her answer.

“The moment where we had to speak about our lives. I had never spoken to anyone about my life before. It was the first time expressing my feelings.”

By creating a safe space for our students to open up and be vulnerable, they become empowered to reclaim their own stories.

They gain understanding of their pasts, take ownership of their present, and get to write the script of how they want their story to unfold in the future. It’s so powerful!

“My plan is to go to young people that I know, that are in the same situation as I was before, and I will influence them to come to EPIC. I see the changes that EPIC has made in me and I want to take that to other young people!”



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Student Snapshot: Meet Asive!