The Beautiful Mosaic

February 22, 2016

While we are the ones “on the front lines,” so to speak, we are not the only ones actively engaging in this Gospel work.

Our ministry wouldn’t exist without the incredible individuals, families, businesses, and churches that partner with us. So many people have chosen to invest their time, talent, and treasure into helping us develop potential, transform communities, and overcome poverty in Southern Africa.

Mosaic Circle

Our partners put the “collective” in Hope Africa Collective. (Ba-dum-bum-CHING!) But seriously. You do.

We recognize—with sincere gratitude—the collective efforts of our global partners that make this work possible.

And we are thrilled when any of our partners get an opportunity to join us on the field and see firsthand the fruit of their prayers and giving.

Mosaic Christian Church in Rocklin, California, has partnered with us for years. Their passion for holistic ministry work that makes redemption known through good deeds (justice and mercy) and good news (evangelism and discipleship) continues to inspire us.

Mosaic Smile

We recently had four people with us from Mosaic, and we absolutely loved our time with Dyan, Sara, JD, and Michelle! They joined the first week of our newest Life Direction course, in which they very courageously and vulnerably shared their personal stories with the students.

That left a lasting impact and set a tone of openness and authenticity which the students have continued embracing.

Mosaic Trust

The group spent several afternoons going out into the community, meeting people, building relationships, and sharing their faith.

They also focused a lot of their time and energy on our staff team: praying over us, treating us to a meal with our students, and gifting us with some much-needed resources from the U.S.

Mosaic Trust 2

Having the Mosaic crew with us was like a booster shot for our morale!

We so appreciate the encouragement, strength, love, and support they lavished us with while they were here. Their intentionality to serve us as we serve others was a tremendous gift! Thank you, Mosaic Christian Church! 

We are reminded yet again of the beautiful mosaic that is God’s worldwide family. Each one of us on our own, just a broken fragment of color. But all together, a stunning masterpiece displaying His glory and goodness for the world to see.

Thank you, all of you faithful partners, for choosing to be a part of His handiwork in South Africa along with us—even from right where you are.



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The Beautiful Mosaic