The Early Years

September 15, 2011

It was over 8 years ago when my wife Bridget and I first felt that somehow, someday, we’d be doing work in Africa somewhere. God began unfolding a vision in our hearts for us to do holistic community development and church planting. He honed us in on four core areas: education, healthcare, small business development, and Biblical training.

Our goal was to grow and develop this work organically. Grassroots-style. So we started doing a lot of homework.

We spent years reading, researching, dialoguing, asking questions… Seeing what works and what doesn’t… Learning from those already making an impact in these areas.

We began putting a team together. My parents, Terry and Jeanenne, were our strongest co-laborers, and it was evident to all of us that this was something we should do together. So as an initial team of four, we formed Bridge for Hope and took the steps to establish ourselves as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States.

When Bridget and I moved to Australia (where she is from) to be close to her family as her dad was sick with cancer, Terry took the helm of Bridge for Hope, spearheading our continued progress and development.

More about our scouting trip
coming soon…

Jeremy Hilliard


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The Early Years