The Needs Are Great, BUT…

March 14, 2012

We just heard a recent statistic about the community we are in (Philippi / Crossroads area of the Cape Flats)… A statistic that blew our minds…

There are nearly 1 million people living in this township area and roughly 700,000 are unemployed! A 70% unemployment rate makes a massive impact on a community. The fallout of that reaches far beyond issues of poverty. It breeds hopelessness and despair in hearts.

And it’s exactly why it’s so crucial that we stay the course God has us on.

Equipping people with practical skills and infusing the hope of Jesus Christ into these communities will bring true and lasting change to this area of desperate need.

The needs are great, but our God is greater. And the hope we have in Him is more than enough!


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The Needs Are Great, BUT…