This Is What It’s All About!

March 6, 2012

The last day of our Like Skills Training culminated all that had happened through the course in such a beautiful way.

Throughout the three weeks of training, the students lined the walls with creative hand-made posters. They drew diagrams, wrote out thoughts, shared practical ideas for successful job interviews, and creatively depicted topics such as forgiveness, identity, and trust.


On the last day, the leaders took down all the posters and placed them in the middle of a large circle of all the students. We talked as a group about what the students had learned, things they had worked through, and how they were becoming who they were created to be.

I was moved to tears as every person in the room—30 students, with probably only 1/3 of them Christian—broke into song, singing “Hallelujah” in true African fashion. There was barely a dry eye in the place, as one by one they talked of the growth and freedom they had gained through the course.

One girl said that she had hope for the first time in her life. She shared that there were so many areas in dealing with hurts of her past where Bridge for Hope actually became a bridge to bring hope to her life! 

Other students shared: “I have forgiven for my father for the first time for what he did to me.” “I know that I have what it takes to change my family and my community.” “I know that even though I have HIV, I have hope!”

During a lunch break in the final week of classes, one of our students prayed to commit her life to Christ.

We are so encouraged and inspired by what God has been doing. This is what it’s all about!

Thank you for making it all possible through your prayers and support. God is using the whole team of us—you as senders and us as goers—to build a bridge of hope to countless lives!


Valerie Gail|March 7, 2012
Your presence here at Beautiful Gate is such an overflowing blessing! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirits direction.
    Bridge For Hope|March 12, 2012
    Wow, Valerie. Your words are such a huge encouragement. We feel very blessed to be partnering with you guys!
Sarah Abare|March 7, 2012
Yes! So awesome!
    Bridge For Hope|March 12, 2012
    Thanks for rejoicing with us!
Sarah|March 10, 2012
So excited to hear all the God is doing!
    Bridge For Hope|March 12, 2012
    Thank you for celebrating with us!|April 8, 2012
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This Is What It’s All About!