Welcome to our New Communications Coordinator!

March 7, 2022

In the fall of 2018, Victoria embarked on a global mission trip that would grow her heart for the nations. Before participating in the World Race, an 11-month trip to 11 different countries, she knew she had a passion to help people see and be reminded of the glory of God and beauty of the Gospel.  Familiar with accomplishing this through worship ministry, she now felt God’s call to engage in this beyond her local church.

After visiting South Africa in October of 2018, Victoria developed a love for the South African people and has longed to serve them again in whatever capacity the Lord provided.  Hearing about the work Hope Africa was doing in Philippi and their unique approach in providing sustainable solutions to poverty intrigued Victoria and she felt an immediate connection to their mission.  Empowering and educating students to provide for themselves which will ultimately impact generations to come was inspiring and moved her to want to become more involved. 

She is eager to see all that the Lord has in store for Hope Africa and all who support and are impacted by the ministry.  Victoria is excited about the mission and vision the Lord has given to Hope Africa and is honored to be a part of the life change and transformation happening not only in SA, but also in the hearts of those who financially support, pray for, and serve Hope Africa Collective from a distance.


TERRY HILLIARD|March 7, 2022
We are so happy and blessed to have Victoria on the team.

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Welcome to our New Communications Coordinator!