YOU Can Make an Impact

August 20, 2014

You can invest in the life of a young leader.

11 new students just started their EPIC journey. EPIC is our year-long leadership development program that empowers young leaders with personal mentorship and training training in leadership, purpose, goal-setting, relationships, and faith.

EPIC kicks off with a four-week intensive course, with the students living, learning, and growing together in our dorms. As the year progresses, these young leaders continue to gather for further development and follow-up, through small group discussions, one-day seminars, and two 4-day/3-night retreats. Growth and development is a process, not an event—and EPIC is structured in a way that allows us to journey with our students for the long haul to see transformative change take place.

All 11 students are still awaiting sponsorship.

Meet the leaders


Just $30 a month (or $360 one-time) provides:

sponsorship covers new


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YOU Can Make an Impact