If you live in the township areas surrounding Cape Town, we are here for you. Not just in the cute cliché way, but really and truly we exist to equip you to develop your potential, transform your community, and overcome poverty. We are here for you.

We’ve designed a unique and powerful development plan to help you achieve sustainability and long-term life change. Each of our programs builds upon the others. Together, they provide the holistic, balanced, and strategic building blocks that will help you transform your life and community.

Take the first step. Read more about the courses in our development plan and let us know if you’re interested. We will follow up with all the information you need to take the next step.

join_bibleBible Overview

Have you ever wanted to understand the “big picture” of the Bible, and know why it has the power to change your life? This short course does just that. Through teaching and class discussion, we will help you understand the Bible in a more personal way, learning what it has to say about God’s redemptive plan for all mankind and the power of His Son Jesus.

join_skillsLife Skills

This empowering course involves three weeks of looking closely at your past, your present, and your future. It covers vital issues such as dealing with past hurts and pains, trust, conflict, communication, HIV/AIDS, goal setting, CV writing, and on-the-job skills. You will be amazed at the life-change you will go through in these intensive three weeks. Your courage, hope, and motivation for your future will never be the same again!

join_computerComputer Literacy

Our 6-week long Computer Literacy course is designed to help the beginner computer student be competent in computer skills. We cover everything from Microsoft Word and Excel to keyboarding and the Internet, plus much more.  Our accredited trainers will help you have all the computer skills you need for the workplace.


The EPIC Leadership Discipleship course is a 4-week residential course at our facility. EPIC stands for Equipping People In Christ, as we believe that the greatest leaders will be the ones that have God’s heart for themselves, their families, and their communities. Pastors, teachers, and leaders instruct during the course on topics such as Grace, Foundations of Christianity, Leadership, Relationships, Identity in Christ, Biblical Worldview, and Servant Leadership. It is highly worth devoting one month of your life to this life-changing course.

join_mathMath Literacy

Since the majority of entry level jobs in South Africa require a competency math test as part of the application process, we have instituted this course to help our students in this area. We found that many people qualified for a job, but were being passed over because of failing the math test. This short course provides a refresher of math skills that will be used in life and work situations, removing yet another barrier that previously blocked applicants from getting a job.

join_moneyPersonal Finance

This course is another key component of the development process. It covers budgeting, cash management, saving, goal-setting, and planning for the future. Day to day life in the townships can be hard, but we believe you have what it takes to plan for the future and be successful. This useful course on financial literacy will help make that possible.

join_jobJob Placement

For students who have successfully completed our courses, we will work with and for you to provide successful long-term job-placement. With many areas having unemployment as high as 65%, we want to stand with you in this crucial step along the way.  This is a unique opportunity that will literally change the course of your life and your family forever.

Are you interested in finding out more? Your life will be changed forever. Join us!

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