Celebrating with Noella: An Update

May 24, 2021

Although no one can predict the future, we can look at Noella’s story and see that hers looks bright since our last blog post. As she has journeyed through our Hope Africa Collective courses, she has gained confidence and excitement about all that her future holds.

When she came to Hope Africa, she felt she was in a dark place, broken over the hardships in her life – the loss of her mother, the addiction battles of many family members, and her role as a single mom of a 4-year-old. She didn’t believe life could be different for her.

That changed quickly through our Life Development Program when our last blog post captured her story. It was where the kindling of hope had been lit.

A glimpse into the joy of our Hair Salon Program (Noella’s class)

Graduation Day

Just a few weeks ago, I (Samantha) got to see her in person on her graduation day! She graduated from our Hair Salon program, having learned skills necessary for hair care and building a business. She expressed to me the excitement of what is to come and the deepfelt sadness that her mom could not celebrate this day with her. More than anything, though, she felt joy.

Left in slight disbelief that she had finally completed the program, Noella was overjoyed. She really did it! Having come through so much hard work and training, she knows she’s in the midst of a beautiful transformation – from what she always thought life would be to now what she knows life can be, for both her and her son. It has opened a whole new space in which she can dream, and with it, a new promise for the future to work towards.

As a new graduate, Noella has so much hope for her future.

A bright future

Noella’s plan is to start seeing hair clients in her home until she can build up her clientele and open her own salon. Just the fact that she can envision herself building this business for herself is a blessing from God. We are so proud of her and all our graduates, knowing we are privileged to journey with them as they transform their lives, families, and communities – being infused with renewed hope.


Gail|May 26, 2021
So happy for you, Noella! Life is full of twists & turns that change for good or bad, but one thing NEVER changes. God is always the same and He NEVER changes. Praying He will give you great endurance & trust in His promises.

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Celebrating with Noella: An Update